Following completion of a formal application by parents or legal guardians, the Admissions Office of the Pan American School of Bahia will take into consideration the prospective student’s academic record, language skills, social and emotional stability, as well as recommendation letters from previous schools. Student admission is governed by the following requirements:

  • A completed application form
  • Completion of the School’s Health Form
  • An official transcript reflecting all grades of school attendance.  Brazilian students who have resided outside of Brazil must have all documents “legalized” by a Brazilian Consulate in the country in which the documents originate.  These documents must be translated into Portuguese by an official translator upon arrival in Brazil.
  • A recommendation letter from the previous school of attendance
  • Applicant’s original birth certificate (notarized copy is acceptable for foreign students)
  • Medical record indicating appropriate inoculations
  • Two 3x5 cm photos
  • Signed contract with Association of the Pan American School of Bahia
  • Passport (Parent’s passport must reflect a work VISA allowing the parent to be legally employed in Brazil)
  • A personal interview and admissions tests

Entrance Age

Children (3 or 4 years of age) entering the Early Childhood Program must be the respective age on or before August 30th of the year of enrollment.  In a similar manner, children entering at other levels will be assigned to grades according to official transcripts.

Exceptions include the following:

  • International students transferring from non-graded schools will be assigned to grade levels by age and/or through testing.
  • Students from Brazilian schools will be assigned to grade levels as indicated on transcripts; however, such students will likely repeat one semester due to different calendar years.
  • The Superintendent may refuse admission to any student if it is determined that a student cannot academically succeed within the School’s learning environment or that a student may jeopardize the learning or the safety and welfare of other students.


Initial grade placement and class assignment will be based on records and information available at the time of registration. New entrants, however, may be reassigned or placed at a different grade level within the first six weeks of registration if the initial assignment is deemed inappropriate.

Only original transcripts will be accepted for admissions purposes. Transcripts can be mailed to the School or hand carried in a sealed envelope. Transcripts must reflect all years of student’s attendance in school.

Initial student placement may be completed with a copy of an original transcript; however, the original transcript must be obtained to verify placement. The responsibility for submission of transcripts rests entirely with parents.

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