Student Support Services


The purpose of the Student Support Services is to provide assistance, as determined by school personnel, for students with an identified learning need that cannot normally be met in the classroom without assistance.

Students in Grades K-8:

The following services are provided for students designated as receiving learning support.

A. Initial and ongoing assessment of current levels of academic performance.

B. Observations in class and school to assess student’s independence in different settings.

C. Support to the student and the student’s teacher to meet the academic needs of the student served through Student Support Services.

D. Individual or small group tutoring with a learning specialist, based on the student’s identified needs.


Students in Grades 9-12:

Normally, high school students are expected to be able to work independently and in groups appropriate to their grade level. Students who have an identified learning need will receive support from a learning specialist based on the identified needs of the student.